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I am Mushfiqoh Samodien, one of five siblings, born and raised in the Mother City. I have a huge passion for South African businesses, as they strive to inspire, educate and empower. I am a mother, fitness fanatic, out-the-box thinker and keynote speaker.


Being a mother has been the greatest achievement and blessing to me. It is caring for my three daughters and watching them grow to be smart, capable, funny girls and supporting them wholeheartedly to achieve and reach their dreams. It is also allowing them to make mistakes and learn from their own failures and teach them how to get back up again.

This connection is unmatched and irreplaceable and contributes largely to who I am.


I am the Business Director of Aspire Solutions with a track record in Finance, Strategy, Business Development, Project Management, Business Analysis along with Change and Transition Management.

At my core, is an invaluable focus on Business Relationship Management, having vast experience in various industries and in business process management and communication. This has equipped me well for problem solving and designing and applying formidable business transformation systems.

Aspire Solutions, is a specialist information technology company that supports organizations in custom software development, database management and IT consulting. We offer end to end services with information technology.

We have extended our business with partnerships within learnerships and incubation to ensure we empower SME’s and educate the youth. Aspire holds an entity called the Aspire Honeycomb Network where we contribute positively and actively to the development of South African business.

Fitness Fanatic.

I am actively pursuing my journey to overall wellness. To me, wellness means getting some exercise, practicing good nutrition, and having enough sleep. I am also motivated by problem solving, engaging through learning and being creative.

I have dreams to enter Survivor, one day, some day. That journey is not only limited to physical fitness, but to spiritual enlightenment and connecting and interacting with people and mastering the art of community.

This is the core of who I am. One with myself, purpose and my role in human existence. This is the fire I wish to ignite with everyone I meet and across stages that I present on.

Keynote Speaker.

My life story is one that I love to share. As the eldest of 5 children, from a community where teenage drug use was common, I understood at an early age that to make a success of my life, I would have to lead and take responsibility for it. Consequently, from the tender age of twelve, I delved into business, taking on paid work after school. This early work experience affirmed to me that if I could get my foot in a door, I have what it takes to build on it, gain credibility and pioneer.

My vision to do work in which I could eventually play an integral role in creating social change at a scale. This led to the inception of Evolve Management a consultancy to advance business practice, profit and people utilizing evidence-based practice and technology adoption. I share my challenges, successes and real passion with real conversations, ordinary moments, and inspiration.

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